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But it's BORING!

The dog objects to me meditating. I was sitting on the sofa the other day, all Buddhess-like with the headset on and the birdies tweeting when my brainwaves were at some designated calm level and the dog thought it was annoying. So he whined non-stop. This is a dog who doesn't whine when the morning walk doesn't happen until 11am.

If I lie down, he divides his time between walking around my prone form - his over-long claws clicking annoyingly on the stone, and occasionally lying down between my legs. This latter is pleasant. He is warm. And silent.

If I sit on the sofa the cats mainly ignore me. If I lie down, Buji jumps back and forth over my head and then strokes my cheeks and ears with his feet... claws less retracted the longer I ignore him. It's amazing I manage to meditate at all.

The device is good, though. It really does help me focus. There are different programmes - focusing on mind (brainwaves), heart (heart rate), breath (errr.... breath) and body (how much you move). You get calm birdies in all of them... but they might be stillness birdies or... maybe I need to read a bit more. Still, the feedback is helpful. You start getting a sense of what helps to calm you.

For me, there's something about 'putting all of my mind into a small space in the lower middle of my visual field when my eyes are shut' and breathing with the diaphragm.

I also think it helps with the headaches.

On which note, today the glasses arrived. I have not tried reading books or papers yet but I am noticing the increased clarity as I type this and write scripts at work. But I have to wear a mask at work so they keep steaming up.

The dog has very poor vision these days. But I can't get glasses for him.

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