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Six steps

I thought you deserved a breather after yesterday's mammoth post. Me too, as it happens.

So, here is a short stroll through walking.

When you walk, for some reason, presumably related to pressure and also, perhaps, blood flow, a particular chemical is released that improves the memory. Therefore, as you age, walking is increasingly important to decrease the rate of memory loss.

That’s one.

Two, when you walk, you can move your eyes from objects close to you, like the screen of your phone, to those further away, like the mobile phone towers. No, scratch that. You can move your eyes from objects close to you, like the berries in the hedgerow, to those further away, like trees on the ridge, or even the distant horizon. This exercises the muscles that change focus and help decrease the rate of degeneration. Therefore, as you age, if you want to maximize your sight, walking is important.

Three. When you walk over uneven surfaces – not the paved city streets, but grass in parks, say, or even in the countryside, if you are fortunate enough to be able to get in the countryside – you have to maintain balance, adjusting your ankles and so forth. It’s beneficial for your joints and tendons. All of which gets more critical as you age.

OK. Next. The cardio-vascular benefits. Heart, lungs, all that. Blood pumping around. And there’s some connection, somewhere along the line, between cardio vascular benefits and neurogenesis. But I can’t remember.

Six. No, five. Being in nature. Good for the soul. Smelling the roses. Or, in this case, the pig-shit. That stink is incredibly pervasive. It’s like a herd of pigs died and their maggot infested, putrid bodies are rotting in a slurry pit.

Six. Fresh air. No. I did that in four… or maybe five.

Six. When you walk you can avoid the rabbit holes in your mind, if not the ones in the track.

Or else you can go right on down them...

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1 Comment

May 16, 2020

Made me laugh.

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