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There are advantages to being crazy.

1) You get shunted up the list for COVID vaccines.

2) You get offered help via your university - through mentoring, software and the loan of, believe it or not, a printer.

3) You think differently and sometimes that's interesting, amusing or useful.

4) You can - sometimes - alleviate the depths of grief by depersonalising it, by which I mean that the misery is not how you 'really' feel, but how the condition 'makes' you feel.

5) You can believe - for a while - that pills or therapy might make the pain of existence bearable.

6) You can justify your cowardice, incompetence or misanthropy.

7) You can admit to something that probably many more people experience but have to hide from everyone, including themselves.

Of course, there are disadvantages too. Mainly, that you are crazy.

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