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This.... my dissertation.


There are, of course, about two hundred papers stored on my computer as well.

The plan is to use the cards and tabs to file particular bits of information - with where to find it - under different headings in the card box.

This should take me until next June when I have to submit the proposal.

The process so far has involved taking two hundred books (that seems to be the number of the day - I don't know how many - a large, very large, suitcase full, anyway) to a second hand book dealer to sell or donate as he sees fit. Then putting animal books in one place and philosophy books in another (next to this, but outside the photo. I have psychology books together, New Age books together and various other things organised in semi-sensible ways (by penguin editions, for example) in other rooms and places. But, I have all the animal and philosophy books captured. Corralled.

If I can do that with my thoughts too... well, the cards will help.

In the meantime, the present dreaded is already far too long and disparate. Though the first two sections might just be ok. I need to think on the rest. Not today. Today is not for that. Not right now.

I need to vacuum. Organising books involves a lot of dust.

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I'm impressed with your organizational skills!!! Yes, the cards should help with the writing.


I hope so!

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