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A positive outcome

He's not alone!

I did the swan run today - hoping to see the kingfisher again. So kingfisher but what a joy to see the pair of swans.

They were both dabbling in the shallow water on a flooded island in the middle of the river when I approached and one looked at me and came over. I figured s/he thought I might have some swan-treat. I had dog treats so I threw one and that seemed adequate.

The swan seemed somewhat in two minds - not exactly afraid but certainly willing to express a little aggression, just to be on the safe side. I squatted down on the bank and lo and behold the other one decided to investigate.

As I was sitting there - just four feet from them - a young man and two girls came along. the guy squatted next to me and proceeded to come out with some swan-facts - that when they curl their necks, facing you front on, they're being aggressive, that they mate for life and so on. I thought he might be some kind of ornithologists and asked how he knew, he said, 'David Attenborough.' A good answer.

We sat there for about five minutes. One swan had a much bigger protuberance over the bill - the one on the left - but it was the other who came over first and was slightly more aggressive when faced with an interested Jabi (who was very good). The lad said the more aggressive one must be the male but I thought that the bill shape showed gender. Indeed, that's what an internet search suggests. My view is that I had seen the female before and she recognised me and so came over - because she liked me.

In reality, they no doubt came over as people have been feeding them, but I prefer my theory.

So, all hail, my new friend, Mrs Swan.

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