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After the typhoon

The clocks changed and the clouds broke last weekend. In the park, this poor ash tree was brought down. I was glad it wasn't the next door tree where the mistle-thrushes live. But this tree, like so many in the park, has bundles and bundles of mistletoe in it.

It was cold and I wore a hat. This was not much liked by the crows, who showed their distaste by increasing their distance from me. However, I was able to feed everyone.

The Flufflies took to the cat food early on.

However, they wouldn't come near the pot when it was offered by a freak in a hat.

Droopy Wing also liked the cat food - encouraging CD to try it - but she was very, very wary of the hat. CD overcame the headwear and took a lot of pellots off for burial. He still likes the dog treats and will look under any available leaf near me to see if I have hidden them when he wasn't looking.

Here he is happy to have been thrown one.

The Driveway Trio now wait for me every day - usually on arrival and departure. One day, they showed up in the back garden. But that was clearly a terrifying experience as they have not been back.

CD often follows me out - wanting more dog treats. His whole family performed the watch the other day. CD is the one at the bottom left. Droopy Wing is the lower of the top two. I tthink you can see the droopy wing.

Humans have started to notice this Crow-Crone. Especially as I rush over to protect my pot of cat food from naughty dogs.

The stormy morning left me blue. All I wanted was to go to bed. But I kept my day going. Trying to draw, to read, to do yoga. I'm not looking forward to the winter.

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