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Art therapy

I started painting abstract things when an art therapist suggested I try to express my anger. I'm not sure I ever managed to express the anger but it did lead me onto this series of octopus-tree-fungi-moon-sun things.

The latest one, of which this photo is a part is rather different. It's not yet finished. But it maintains the graspy tentacles and in this case has the raw sun-energy at the centre.

When the art therapist saw it she was reminded of Louise Bourgeois' spider sculptures. Now this was funny as there is one at the broadcast centre in Qatar where I hope to be working in the winter of 2022. But more pertinently, Bourgeois was apparently inspired by the psychologist Melanie Klein and the these was related to the artist's relationship with her mother.

I had just been talking to the therapist about my homesickness feeling and had said that I feel I have no real home because home was just where my mother was and of course she is now nowhere. (Now here? Huh.)

She sent me a link which I have not yet had time to read but I thought I would post it here. In fact, as I now skim through this I see so many parallels and am struck by the art therapist's insight.

She also suggested I read Melanie Klein... Judging by the accuracy of her Bourgeois connection, maybe I will.

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