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At Sulehay

Our plan - stop the silver birches from encroaching on the first succession habit. First succession? Seems to be this.


OK, moss and something else Ian said and also oregano (wild marjoram) and basil thyme (a member of the dead nettle family).

This made sense. But... the silver birches!!! What else is possibly this pretty???

Look at the colours!!

It's... just stunning.

(Enough of the bark, Ed.)

I dutifully lopped and sawed and dragged and carried. Managed to see two ladybirds who did not end up on the fire.

Then Ian set me to lay some blackthorn, which was a nice change.

Over the site, we saw buzzards and kites.

It is a kind of magical place for me... reminds me, oddly, of Dartmoor. there's something... somehow nurturing and simultaneously dispassionate about the atmosphere.

I - for the first time ever - stopped work ahead of the final whistle and wondered around the site. What did I find?


And this.

We are pretty sure that it was a muntjac. Now it is fox and crow and magpie and buzzard and kite and insect and soil.

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