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Autumnal hedgerow

There seem to be a fair few berries this year, which must be good for the creatures.

But it has not been a great summer. Yes, there have been some warm spells. A few very hot days. But... well... it has not been one to remember.

I type now with numb fingers. The ends are white and frigid. As I only use two of them it's not too much of a problem. Though it's uncomfortable.

My space is also restricted by a stubborn cat who will not move further away, though, grumpily, he has his back to me.

I need to leave soon to take the dog to the vibrating thing. And really I should do some preparation for work. And really I should work on my practice essays. Or at least read philosophy. But it's hard to motivate when I feel the chill and the doom dark dread of two coming late late shifts.

Today the crows were not in evidence in the park. All were hiding. But some made their presence known, cawing when they saw me, so I could throw peanuts which they retrieved when I had gone away. I have a feeling the tree surgeons had upset them. This afternoon one cawed from a visible perch and repeated himself until I had spotted him. He and his mate retrieved the nuts when I walked away. Then he flew after me across the park, clearly demanding more, which I duly provided. His mate came too to collect them from the no-crow's land in the centre of the park (they all have specific foraging spots). Both held two or three in their throat pouches before taking them back to their territory.

That cheered me up.

Right, off to vibrate. Hope my fingers defrost.

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Sep 04, 2021

Congrats - you are now part of the park's crow community! p.s. It's quite a thing when they manage to get 3 peanuts in their mouths (at one time). Then off they fly to hide the excess :-D

Sep 05, 2021
Replying to

I remember seeing crows doing it (but not very often). However, it was great fun watching them because they often TRIED for 3 if there were lots of peanuts tossed (but usually they had to admit defeat and fly off with only 2 :-D ).

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