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Back to the Firs

It's been vaguely fun running in the Firs again. Though today I did nearly stumble over a tree root. Once in there I really hurt a finger when I tripped over a root, fell and my hand hit the ground in a sub-optimal fashion.

Part of the way round, a muntjac jumped across the track and through a fence. Pretty agile for a sapling-munching wood-pig. I saw some sort of raptor and some squirrels. Heard crows and other birds.

And I met a man with a Labradoodle. The man was Rich, the Doodle was Rupert. Rich went through his many photos of Rupie and told me all the good and bad things about having a Doodle. The good totally outweighs the bad and, according to Rich, who grew up, as I did, on a smallholding in Devon, Rupes is the best of all the dogs he's ever had.

Rupes runs upstairs and jumps in the bath as soon as he gets home for a walk.

Rupes has a sensitive stomach but Harrington dog food suits him.

Rupes is the gentlest dog EVER.

Rupes was really easy to train.

I wanted one.

But now that Jabi is gone I am too heartsore to crave.

Then I men a man with a Doberman. A big Doberman. He was very shy. The dog, not the man. The man was nice. After about ten minutes, during which the man let me throw the ball for the dog... Boris!! He was called Boris, 'Because he yaps all the time' (he did bark at me... the dog agreed to sniff me without barking and hiding behind his person.

That was a successful dog day. But it was followed by a tragic one. This is the problem with writing posts to post in the future... I could have left it all in sequence yet I could not. I could not leave the worst unsaid.

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28 de jan. de 2022

It's good you posted about Jabi when you did xxx

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