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Can you see it?

I feel a little guilty about this. Of course you can't. It's less than a speck.

But, anyway, I was running down the long drive to a farm and I saw a fox in the road with two magpies. i assumed they were eating roadkill. But when I got there, I saw that the fox must have been drinking from a puddle. Somewhat odd as there's a river nearby and the water, surely, would have been less muddy. Who can account for the taste of foxes?

He had run away and the birds flown off - but I saw that he was watching me from the side of the field and so I took this awful photograph.

But it reminded me of the fox I used to see at the yard when I had horses. One day, I was doing yoga or tai chi on the lawn and he ran right past me, a matter of feet away, hardly looking bothered by my presence. He glanced at me as he passed, as if to say, I see you - but I know you meditation-in-movement types have this love-of-the-natural thing going on, so, like, namaste, man. Then he sat down in the field, about thirty feet from me and watched. Two magpies joined him. They cawed and hassled him, hopping up close, as if to peck some lovely red fur from his tail to make a black and white and red all over cape for themselves. When he turned to them, it was like that game, but instead of turning to statues, they backed off, complaining. Finally, clearly annoyed, he snapped, and they rose into the air squawking loudly.

I wondered if the magpies on the road were being equally annoying. or maybe they like foxes. I suppose they share an interest in dead things.

There's a guy, wrote a book, about living as animals. Crawling at the level they inhabit. Eating what they eat (dead things). Sleeping where they sleep. He felt, I think, phenomenologically closer. Like the guy who followed a peregrine for years. Coming to value what someone completely different finds valuable. I couldn't do it. the cold. The dead things. But I'd like a VR that could take me there. A brain enhancement. Just maybe it would be better.

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