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CD! Back with a vengeance

So, I have a treat in store.

No boring writing. Well, not much.

The videos.... ok, they are not, like, thrilling. They won't go VIRAL. We aren't risking a Corvid Pandemic. But, well, I like them.

This one. After I go click-click-click the fourth time, CD deigns to respond. And after that, he does not continue, as he did the other day, but he does... break off a twig. Now, My friend Clare says this may be a significant act. And I think so. Look, breaking off a twig is a sign for a chimpanzee to follow another chimpanzee, so why not the feathered ape? CD does often fiddle with things when close to me... in part, I think he's pretending he's not bothered and in part it's displacement, because he is bothered, but sometimes... well, today he played with and dropped a bone near me. It could have been a gift. It could.

In the nest two videos you see CD's aerobatics. I warn you, they are not great videos. But in the first you see a definite drop-and-catch and in the second a lovely swoop.

After this he did a LOT more playing tag with the gulls - always flying back to me... and he seemed to fly around me as if the display was for my benefit. That's what I like to think.

Another thing he does that no other crow does is to groom a great deal when I am close by. This is basically just CD self-grooming.

I was so glad to see him again and delighted to be granted his time and his attention.

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1 Comment

Feb 28, 2022

Great to see CD in action! Good videos! I agree with Clare. The branch breaking seems intentionally for you (it's not something he'd eat) as does the bone dropping :-)

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