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Crow! Crow!

They seem to recognise me now. There are two in particular who appear to look out for me and respond to my presence with expectation. One, not this one, flew to me as I walked away, circled back, landed and looked at me as if to say, 'More please!' I duly complied.

This one, who is usually one of a three, had a load of nuts on my outward journey but looked as if s/he would take more on my return. I threw some nuts then sat down twenty feet from them and watcher her/him through the camera on my phone. I tried throwing some closer, but s/he was unwilling to come closer.

The juvenile jays are not responding to me positively. They flee. But there are three not four of them.

Aside from the corvids... little to report.

I still ache from cutting blackthorn. My dreaded has not been read by either of the two people I hoped would read it and give me feedback. I still miss Viking shows on TV.

Some news, I am back to reading animal ethics.

But here's something I thought as I listened to a podcast hosted by Melanie Challenger. She was talking to philosopher Dan Dennett and a scientist and they were talking about how there is intelligence in... neurons...cells... er... all the way down. The scientist fancies making chimeric creatures and was talking of how AI combined with animal.... bits... would be intelligent... in an agentic way (as in, having agency). And Dennett says this just goes to show it's not all about sentience... all sorts of stuff. And what I thought and she did not say was how DARE humans consider creating more beings with agency and/or intelligence and/or sentience when they treat the non-humans we have already so fucking BADLY? How fucking dare they even consider bringing new misery into a world wracked by the pain caused by human thoughtlessness, greed and cruelty????

I was angry. I felt that Challenger did not challenge. I felt let down.

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1 Comment

Aug 23, 2021

Ha! Love the crow picture in the park!

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