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I heard once about a women who claimed to have eaten nothing for years. She lived on light. She must have lived somewhere like Southern California or Arizona. Certainly not here. Mind you, I shouldn't complain. It's been bright for a few days.

I like this picture - the dirty old bus stop lit up like a lantern by the late afternoon sun. And I like that sun spot too, how it bleaches out the colours in an asymmetrical fashion.

Today I met with my supervisor and we talked about the squirrel project. I'd rewritten already after the notes he'd sent me - and after the talk I need to do so again. It's that thing about sticking to the question. But the question is kind of limiting. I guess that's the point. Hopefully I can signpost my work well enough to persuade the readers that I am answering the question, albeit in a way that does more than it says on the tin. I don't know. Maybe I can't. Maybe I have to add to two sections and take out some less relevant stuff.

It's a lot of work and my energy is low. I did my meditation a few minutes ago and when I rose I was dizzy. I still feel dizzy. I don't think I've slept well for a few nights, so maybe it's that. But it wasn't related to having done 'too much exercise' or 'not eaten enough'. Though, just in case, I had a spiced pumpkin muffin with my chai. Can't say that I feel much better. And what's more I now feel slightly queasy at the thought of the casserole cooking in the oven beside me. What I want to do is go to bed with Netflix. I'm sure my boss mentioned something good on there... I'll have to ask him.

Oh damn. I have some work to do. I'd forgotten. Maybe I'll do that in bed instead though I feel bad leaving the dog on his own downstairs. It's exhausting.

I'm sorry about my posts of late. The lack of energy and the bloody essay angst.

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