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When the dog returned from his first treatment, he smelled of horse. Horses use the theraplate and carry dung on their feet. The dog sat and lay in the dungy footprints. Back in the house, the cats were intrigued by this scent. Their ears back a little in concentration and eyes like slits - focusing on just one sense, smell, by shutting off sight and sound.

What did this scent mean to them?

Did it communicate 'herbivore'? Animal? There must be something of the stomach in the scent. Grass become partly animalised?

Dog brings horse into house and cats sense the present absence of another animal.

I am entangled in their lives, they in mine.

I am entangled too in the life of the land where I run. In the social life at work. In family. It's all me or rather me is not just this thing that thinks and types. It is bigger. What I think of as me is much, much smaller.

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