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Er.... hello?

My trip to the park was delayed.

My feeding of the crows was delayed.

First, I popped in to see Chris and John. It had been their youngest son's 60th birthday and, as a surprise, the son who lives in Ireland came to the party. Chris said, 'I'm sorry. I get so emotional. But it was the best weekend ever.' John told me how muntjacs apparently used to migrate through Northampton. I didn't even know they migrated. But so the man who used to write about wildlife in the Chron claimed.

When I got to the park, the crows were elusive. But a woman with a old dog came over to me and asked about Jabi. I told her and she proceeded to tell me of Jim's dog who has a brain tumour and the miniature whatsit who has cataracts and his person has sold her jewellery to pay the £6000.

As this conversation progressed, the crows had flown in. Above us, Mr Fluffy started shouting at me to 'Get the food out!' Eventually I had to politely extract myself from the conversation to see to the Fluffies, the Divos and the Brave Three who were all waiting for me.

When I got to the Brave Three, CD ran up to me and I sat down to give him some cheesy bits.

He was willing to come very close and spoke to me with what now seems his favourite sound, the quack.

I did manage to get a picture of the side of his head where he seemed to have lost some feathers.

Now for the close up.

Goodness. I know it's... odd... But I love this crow. I had been feeling blue and I just KNEW that I'd see CD and he's... give me a gift... his presence and his proximity. The bird warms my heart. Really.

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1 Comment

Mar 27, 2022

It's great to get these photos and tales of your friend CD the quack-er !!!!

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