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Extra - Love

The picture shows the closed doors of a pub in the village. Stuck in the window are rainbow images and messages of love and hope. When I passed this, it took my breath away (not in a Covid-19 way). We can still connect - and not just via the internet and the telephone.

My lovely friend told me about a suggestion of putting a lighted candle in a window as a blessing to all.

We could do our own rainbows or thank you messages to the bin men and postal workers.

And when we walk, we can make eye contact and smile. If you doubt the effect of that, listen to the very short interview with Thalia Wheatley, a Professor of Psychology at Dartmouth College. She explains that the sight of aliveness, interest and connection in the eyes of another person is critical to our sense of self-hood. We need it, so do those we pass on our walks.

Today I was able to speak to a local man I know who was meant to be leaving tomorrow to walk the whole of the Camino de Santiago. He told me how hard it is having his wife working from home and taking up the whole of the downstairs when he and their two daughters are sharing the house.

I saw a birdwatcher with binoculars who told me this is the part of the day he looks forward to. He'd seen a Greater Spotted Woodpecker and a Grey Wagtail.

I saw a family of six, or maybe seven - the parents and a big brood of kids all on bicycles. The father, with a bushy beard and a broad grin, said that if they can get through this as a family, they can get through anything.

I saw a mother and daughter riding horses and people returning from the shops with - shock - fresh bread!

People were diligent in keeping their distance. People were, mainly, cheerful. People knew that it's a sign of deep love to help keep everyone safe.

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