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Feet tripping

It's a strange sensation. Tingling from the soles of the feet up through the calves. All the reviews said to start on a low intensity first. Yup. I can see why. But I'm keen to start turning up the volume.

Actually, let's see...Oh my! Up to 20 and it's really freaky. The settings take me to 90. I can feel my calves vibrating. My ankles are like.... doing the jitter-bug from the inside out.

So, we shall see if the old restless leg problem is alleviated by the foot magic.

Aside from the freaky feet, there's precious little to relate. I am trying to write about attention. So far, it's a bit of a mess. For Simone Weil, attention is the heart of ethics. She thinks rights-schmites and that justice is about the strong being silenced so that the afflicted have space to speak. Attention is the neutralizing of the self to create that silent space where suffering can make itself heard. Maybe the point is that the strong want to say, these are your rights which should not be violated, while the weak say, just hear me - grant me the respect to listen to my testimony. Don't treat me as an abstract with abstract rights but an individual with my own needs and my own pains. See ME, not a social construct of a rights-holder. See me, me in my specificity. I am not a number, I am a suffering individual. I am not the locus of suffering, I am a person, who has been lacerated by pain.

Maybe that is what she is saying.

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