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Garden habitat

So, I decided to plant wild flowers. I spent a lot on special seeds. Then... well, I couldn't be bothered to till and dig and all that so I just checked them down. Surprise, surprise, nothing's growing.

Reason I mention this is that I suppose it's plausible that many of the creatures round here might prefer native species. That's not a hard and fast rule. I mean, I'm not sure if lavender is native, but bees love it. And lots of other non-natives - like horse-chestnuts - are presumably playing their part.

But, you know, so many insects depend on oaks and willows. Apparently small-leaved limes were popular. And those Scots pines? They feed so many birds with their seeds.

My dad keeps telling me about the things he's planting in his garden and I keep thinking, that's not native. And it's funny as of the two of us he's the staunch nationalist - I mean to the extent that he thinks Japanese cars are not better because of the Japanese but because the Japanese copied the Brits of HIS generation who were good at making cars before all the useless young folk got in on the act. He has the anti-grey squirrel thing - they're an alien species! But his garden's full of man-made plants and imports.

My garden, on the other hand, has a seemingly dead lilac and no wild flowers. So I guess he is doing far better by the invertebrates.

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Apr 01, 2022

Don't give up hope on the lilac yet! Can you see buds?

You and your Dad have been discussing an interesting & complicated issue. That last article you shared about the tree line was very well written. I just read this. It's a bit more general but gives some examples and points out that the issue is contentious.

Apr 01, 2022
Replying to

I hope so. I can't see under there due to the hedge it is growing in - but I think that might be the best hope for her xxx

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