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Insects, vibrations and fledglings

As well as the peacock butterfly, we saw a gatekeeper, one blue one and a lot of white ones. Hey, I got 50% of them identified.

Their lavender also attracted all the bees in the city. It was very peaceful watching them.

This is a less peaceful critter.

Turns out it's a sort of horsefly - the heaviest fly in Europe. That, I am sure, could deliver one hell of a sting. I didn't see it - Leanne sent me the photo.

I did see a bug in the bath. I think that I took it on board while putting some German chamomile I had foraged into a pot. But goodness knows where it was hiding to end up in the bath.

It has been a very breezy day and when I visited the copse I could feel the vibrations of the wind through the trunk of my tree.... it was like a low electrical hum. A distinctly strange feeling. And sounded like waves crashing on the beach when I leaned into the trunk to listen.

As for the fledgling news - did I tell you that I saw Divo and Diva with three babies? Maybe I did but the photo showed only two. I think I caught all three here. Though the following day, there were only two.

The jays seemed to have increased in numbers when I saw them again. I had scared them to the back of the garden and they hopped onto an adjacent roof and climbed up it like screaming mountaineers!


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2 commenti

10 ago 2022

Beautiful butterfly. Beware of horse flies. They have big nasty mouthparts and BITE. The sounds of wind and trees are so intimately connected. Divo and Diva - 3 kids, that's an achievement! I saw a blue jay yesterday with head feathers gone (moulting - looked rather sad).

Mi piace
10 ago 2022
Risposta a

I've had the pain of rather too many horsefly (and deerfly) bites - they DO hurt!!

Mi piace
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