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Late blooms

The end of September... You know, it's weird as we all thought last year was bad, the one we needed to put behind us, but really this year hasn't been much better. Or am I just a misery-guts? Don't answer that.

I have some small positives. Well, the crows. I am naming them: The Playground Pair; The Flying Two; The Fluffy Heads; The Drive Duo; The Fiesty Gang.

I didn't see Cool Dude today and the Brave Three are no longer being brave nor are they often three. I think Cool Dude was or is one of the original Brave Three and was the brave one, but now s/he's making her/his own way rather more, the Brave Three have become the Top Two.

Crows don't like cameras or binoculars, it seems, so you might just have to imagine them. The Flying Two are very sleek and blue-black. The Fluffy Heads have, er, fluffy heads. The Playground Pair are sweet.

Another positive, I have finally started reading Zoopolis by Will Kymlicka and Sue Donaldson. So far, I like it. They have taken a starting point of inherent worth for all beings that are sentient and appreciate that domestication is not necessarily BAD. They appreciate that humans and other animals can be in relationships of trust and friendship and mutual benefit.

So I started thinking about relationships again and about how we come to value another's point of view - even without sharing it or knowing it. There's something in the teamwork idea that feeds into this, I think.

But now, oh, it still has not been a good year. Mind you, the final three months could be amazing. I mean, it's possible...

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