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...I want to be a Viking and not a witch....

Actually I might be inaccurate here as I chose the bee because of honey and because I was thinking how I'd like to try mead. Which is made of honey,which is made by bees. But it might be that the Saxons were more keen on mead than the Danes and other Northmen.

Back when I was a kid there was a drama on television called Maelstrom. I hardly remember anything about it, but I am sure the name Freya came up and I liked the name. My sister used to have a Siamese cat called, well, I thought she was called Fraynee - and I asked her if it had anything to do with the name Freya. But no, she was... well, I think Freine or Phrayne... I can't recall... but it was German for mind or soul or something... though I can't find out now. I could ask my sister. In a piece of writing I mistakenly called Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath's daughter Freya when her name was Frieda.

Anyway, Freya. She is the goddess of love and fertility and often travels about on a cat-drawn cart. Just two cats. So that's a start. She had a human lover, Ottar, whom, for some reason, she turned into a boar. She teaches magic, which would help with the idea of combining both passions and becoming a Viking witch.

Not much about bees or mead in the Freya stories, somewhat disappointingly.

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