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I have been writing about and thinking about interdependencies. How without the lichen releasing minerals, there's no soil, no plants, no herbivores of seed-eaters and so on.

And I am reading John Bonner's The Evolution of Culture in Animals. It's rather charming in that he clearly loves everything - ants, bacteria, clams,whatever. It's all beautiful or clever. He has respect for everything.

What it reaffirms is how in so many ways, evolution has brought about solutions to so many environmental 'problems'. It works hand in glove with environment.

Culture, or behaviour, allows for different solutions - and at a faster time scale.

Evolution does impact environment, but the process is fairly slow... giving time for evolution to work on adaptations. When culture impacts environment, it is fast and while human cultural change can be fast enough to adapt, the cultures of many other animals struggle and evolution is operating at an entirely different speed.

That said, a book I loved so much that I am listening to it for the second time, Darwin Comes to Town, records how plants and animals are evolving to function in the niches provided by humans. Much is behavioural, but there are genetic adaptations as well.

Maybe it's not the fittest who survive, but the most adaptive.

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Nov 19, 2021

I read the review of the Darwin book and found a good You Tube presentation by the author Menno Schilthuizen Very interesting!

Nov 19, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for that link! xx

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