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One day...

...I will have a usable office.

I have the monitor, the printer, the index card file box, the room... it's just there's a bed in it and not a desk. So I am still typing on my kitchen table where I am loth to put the monitor due to leaping cats.

Kevin is meant to be doing to office. But I need to buy a big piece of wood and I am scared about deciding the size and whether the piece will fit up the stairs and how to get the bed out and what to have under the piece of wood (which will be attached by batons to three walls and maybe have a leg. I need to know if the monitor will fit in front of the shelves and whether I can master a clever solution for the sound proofing and make that easier for my voicing and Kevin really doesn't want to work it out for me. He wants me to say what I want and have the bits ready.

Today I found out that Volunteer Officer Dave was a carpenter before he was a policeman and subsequently a volunteer. I asked him if he could make a desk and work out the shelves and tell me what to do about the sound proofing. This as I attacked blackthorn and was attacked in return (I think the blackthorn won, judging by my scars... though the huge piles of cut blackthorn may tell a different story). He seemed to be suggesting, that yes, he could do these things. I said I'd pay him - though judging by his car, maybe he doesn't need my money. Mind you, Kevin earned ten grand on Tik Tok for videos of his art. He has two million followers. He started painting less than three years ago. This is depressing.

Anyway. The office,

What I did not do was ask for Dave's number and push this issue. But I think I will next week. I don't think I can trust myself to do the ordering of things.

When I ordered tiles for my kitchen, I got more than twice as much of all the tiles than I needed. One batch was largely broken, so it was just as well. And my tiler got a free patio of silver tavertine.

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1 Comment

Aug 21, 2021

Good luck with the project!

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