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Pride comes...

Maybe I'll start with the bird news.

I have run out of the peanut pasts prized by the Starlings, which has made my garden smell like a chicken coop due to the sheer number of adults and juveniles eating, bathing, grooming and generally hanging out.

So I bought a suet block which had to go in the Squirrel's spare box.

I watched a juvenile inspect this block of suet from all angles. She knew there was something in there, but couldn't work out how to get at it. Then along came an adult, landed on the top of the box and pecked down. She immediately coping him. Success! Suet Block 101 passed with flying colours.

As i was watching, the resident Robin made an appearance. yesterday, he'd chased a guest off the patio. The visitor flew up to land on the fence next to a pair of basking Starlings (they'd had baths and were drying and grooming in the sun). He looked at them and they looked at him and then they settled down together. Until resident Robin decided he didn't appreciate being overlooked.

So that was nice.

I then decided to meditate with the wand. I have not mentioned the wand. I was looking for a Poplar artifact and, stunning surprise, found a Poplar wand with a Crow feather. I bought it and had some online via Etsy conversations with the seller. This person, a hedgewitch as it happens, had sung and prayed over the wand which is to be used for magic, not fun. I was told that:

In our beliefs the crow, like all corvus birds, is a messenger, generally between the seen and the unseen. So that would cover both the seen and unseen worlds as well between the magic and the mundane and between the living world and the world of the dead. Dreams fall into the category of the unseen, and poplar, particularly black poplar, is strongly connected to the realm of dreams. So if you have not been paying attention to your dreams, the crow may well be drawing your attention to that.

This wand may well be the next step towards discovering why there is this connection to the poplar and the crow, so when it arrives, just ask, what do you have to tell me?

I then asked what this witch's beliefs were... because I wanted to be a witch too! I didn't say the last bit... just that I was interested in exploration. I received this:

[T]he fact is, everyone has their own path, their own connection to, and understanding of, nature and of course, any other worlds they believe exist. Even if you find yourself part of a group or a "tradition", ultimately, it's your own personal path that is most important, over and above the rules and regulations of any "group".

Our particular practice is usually described at traditional hedgewitchery, though it isn't anything like the popular concept of hedgewitchery.

Basically it's shamanic in nature, which leans heavily on the personal connects you make with both nature..and everything else. Shamanic crafts believe that everything has spiritual energy, and therefore can be communicated with if you can find the right level of vibrational energy to get "Intune" with something.

We don't believe we have any power ourselves, but we know how to combine power and energy from the merger of individual energies to make a hybrid energy, one that doesn't exist naturally, or "magic", which we can channel, for want of a better word.

That means that everything we believe has to make sense before we believe it, if you get me, we don't just swallow whole any teaching whose workings cannot be explained.

It might be best, and this is something we do with all our apprentices, to get a notebook and start noting down everything you think is rather odd, strange of not normal for you. Then review in weekly, then monthly, because events are not unfolded in one go, they can unfold over long periods of time and it can be quite a while before it'll form what can be seen as a course of related events, rather then just random occurrences.

But don't try to rush it, the worst thing some modern practices do is tell you you can achieve it all in a year.

I thought - apprentices! i want to be an apprentice! by this time, the wand had arrived and I tried to reply to the message - but the conversation AND the record of the sale had DISAPPEARED.

I had sat with the wand on a few occasions but it was difficult as the cats wanted very much to eat it.

On this occasion, though, I got two words: WAYFARER and ENSOULVATION.

Who knew that wands could make up words?

I did some research and found Bosch's painting, 'The Wayfarer'. There's a magpie in the painting. But, the point is that the idea is that it's about choosing the path of materialism and corruption or nature and salvation. So, I figured that I am a Wayfarer and I need to seek that second path. Cool.

So, to make sure of things, I asked the cards.

They provided The Moon and the Two of Pentacles. The Moon I had drawn the last time I asked the cards anything. Clearly, says my spiritual side, this is incredibly significant. The Moon is all about dreams. Spooky, eh? Also about the risk of madness. But let's take the spiritual/insight reading, shall we? The other card is about caution and balancing - which I read as, Look, Crone, if you don't want to be completely crazy, take this with a pinch of salt, OK?

Irony here: Tarot cards telling me to be wary of magic???

Anyway, the critical point is that I, Wayfarer, have been told where to go by Poplar and Crow.

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