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Provisions for the songster

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

So adorable! After the long evening sanding wands, I ordered some little roost pouches from the RSPB.

I put the first one in the front lilac and the second in the back lilac. SoB watched this intently. As soon as I stepped away, he flew up and inspected the bottom of the pouch then stood on the top and started singing. This is the one in the first picture. I left him singing and stuck the third in the holly. As soon as I had done that, he inspected that one too.

Later, I saw a fledgling robin near the holly pouch. The following morning, the fledgling went to get food from the green box, but Son of Bob chased him away. That made me feel a little sad. Mind you, SoB seemed anxious, and then I saw a very confident robin on the roof of next door's man shed. Was that Bob, now successfully moulted? Whatever. SoB saw him and flew toward him and then veered off and returned to me looking subdued. Maybe the other robin looked daunting or maybe SoB accepted him being on the other side of the fence?

I took this series of pictures as I wanted that final one: it's SoB's thing, to look at his feet. Bob bobs a lot, as does the fledgling. SoB seldom bobs, instead he does this.

I have written about the changing body size. The start of this video shows the long and thin curious shape, before he starts singing.

This morning, I moved some pots around. SoB watched and, once I had stepped back, flew down to look inside all of them and pick a few choice morsels.

I have seen him catch or peck at small worms on several occasions. Only once did he then eat it. When the worms coil and move, he jumps back, like a person faced with an angry snake. He has alsi flown in pursuit of flying insects. I don't know how often he has been successful.

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1 Comment

Sep 09, 2023

Such interesting observations! And heart-warming. I smiled at his reaction to worms when they wiggle 😀

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