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Sidestepping the issue

Updated: Feb 27, 2022

When the food is a leetle bit too close, CD has to approach it sideways. He can more easily keep one eye on me and can take off into a clear space. On this occasion, he had to rush to grab the food because the seagulls were watching.

Once he had it, CD paused for thought.

And then launched into a game of chase with the gulls and unexpectedly with one of the Flying Two, who took umbrage to CD flying above his patch. The two crows were better matched than crow and gull. They twisted and span in midair, those ragged-winged black shapes that thrill me. When the other corvid gave up, CD continued to tease the gulls before realising that Droopy and Three were engaged in mobbing a red kite. CD joined the assault and I saw him perilously close to the raptor's claws.

The kite left and CD celebrated by turning somersaulting dives in the air above me - still with the biscuit in his beak. He was exuberant and entrancing.

I felt a bit sorry for the gulls. And let them show their stuff.

That got their attention.

But as I watched the birds in front, I realised I was being approached from behind...

Dear Divo. I hid a biscuit under some sticks so the gulls wouldn't get it. Then I did the same for Diva but she doesn't understand hide-and-seek. I tried throwing the biscuit but she'd run away and then not rush back so the gulls got it.

On the way out, CD caught my attention and was rewarded with dog biscuits for being a Crone's Best Crow.

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