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Struck by lightning...

...and still surviving.

The tree is about a third of itself. The trunk has been reinforced with concrete. Yet it is in bud. The hawthorn next to it blooms. Do they feed each other?

I am awestruck, thunderstruck, by the survival of the lightning struck tree.

The other day a young man at work had his car broken into. He said it came on the back of 'other things', the worst time. I don't know what the other things are, but I think they might have been worse... at least as bad as a smashed rear window and the loss of a lot of expensive technical equipment his insurers won't pay for.

Another friend has been struck down by a disease while caring for his sick wife.

Another friend deals with serious issues at work and a father who is dying.

Another friend copes with trauma at home and a demanding job, alongside intermittent depression.

Another friend has more on her plate than three people could manage, and keeps going, though she cries in her car every night.

Awestruck. How do people survive their lightning strikes?

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