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The Brave Three

Updated: Jul 27, 2022

Three, but no CD.

Droopy and Three had a baby with them. This one is smaller than the two I saw with the Divines and also smaller than the one I saw with the Driveways. But she still ate for herself - as well as bagged from her parents - when I put food out.

First, she flew away - so here are Droopy and Three - I didn't want to go too close as the juvenile was very wary.

She came back and I just about caught her with, I think, Droopy.... at a considerable distance. And in unhelpfully deep shade.

So, this is positive - though I miss CD very much.

In the Peak District, a Crow was on a rock below us - she had white on her chest and her behaviour was SO like CD. He cleaning, inspecting, watching us while pretending not to watch.

I threw a bit of food onto the rock we were sitting on while saying loudly, 'Crow! Look! Food!' As we left, we saw her flying up - but I can't be certain it wasn't a coincidence. Still, as she flew I could have sworn she had a notce in her wing feathers in the same place as CD.

I like to think it was her and that she's safe.

I'd like even more to see her again here and be sure.

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