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The good news...

A glimpse of blue sky...

The headaches have led me to question every possible cause for pain and tension. Eye strain, I thought: that's surely not helping. I sued to wear glasses. Fifteen years ago. But I'd got bored of them. And I'd noticed that it was a real challenge to read books rather than the trusty Kindle. So I tried on my old specs. No good. The eyes don't have it.

Off I went to the optician and glory be, how thrilling that was. look, yes, I know: I'm starved of stimulation. And people. But, really, it was rather good.

They have all these amazing new machines that test for glaucoma and look at the layers of cells INSIDE your eyeball. Really fascinating. As it turns out, my eyes are very healthy. That's good.

My left eye is so defective that it can't be enhanced by lenses. But what Graham the optician said was that people like me, who have only one working eye, often are capable of better acuity with that one eye than two-eyed people are capable of. He can give me a lens that enables top-notch close vision in my right eye. I have to have a different pair for driving.

He also said that I would see the world as more flat than the world seen by two-eyed people. I said, 'Then is the world more beautiful than I think it is?' He didn't want to admit it is. There's a real silver lining here though. Think of paintings. They are 2D. I don't need £d two-eyed depth vision to experience them. The painter has given me the depth that the world lacks. So, for me, paintings are more thrilling than for two-eyed people because for them, it's an approximation in 2D of 3D. For me it's better than what I see as the painter is trying to capture his 3D vision on 2D canvas.

I was really excited about that. And about spending a not insignificant sum on the glasses.

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