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The matrix

As you know, I am inclined toward the hermitic. And the misanthropic. Well, that's a little harsh. I tend to think that most individuals are actually well-meaning and caring to varying degrees, from somewhat, at least in extremis, to astonishingly. It's just that humanity has, in my view, some serious flaws:

  1. It thinks it's the peak of creation, the measurement of all things, the smartest, most moral, most altruistic species ever to have walked not just this earth but the whole of the universe.

  2. It is full of shit - and waste and plastic and carbon dioxide.

  3. It is tediously in love with its own inventions and creations - this is aligned to 1.

  4. It is probably the most self-deluded, no it is the most self-deluded species on this planet at least.

  5. It's full of shit - and believes falsity as easily as it believes reality - and spreads that shit around as destructively as the waste and plastic etc.

  6. It reckons it can do what it likes with anything that isn't human. This is related to 1.

  7. It fails to recognise value outside itself. this is related to 1 and 4.

  8. It is full of shit and values money and status which it develops creating all the shit of both 2 and 5.


But it really isn't that hard to step out of the matrix.

That spider's web on a frosty morning. Just the prettiest thing. What effort and energy to create. What diamonded, light-catching whiteness all webbed into my path.

Today, I drove to work early, came home by early evening. The roads were the busiest they've been since this lockdown thing started in March.

I came across Buckinghamshire and the route cuts through and over chalk or limestone hills. In the valleys, the mist was like fallen cloud, lending the trees a frosted look. The sun was setting in a cloud layered sky with all the delicacy of apricot on grey. And we cars, we indicate and allow passage. We dance, when attending, to the music of our fellow travelers' volition, lane changing, slowing and speeding in all this tonnage of metal. Each eye has to take in each car. Each mind has to open itself to the minds of others. We can co-operate so easily. This is beauty. A school of fish, a flock of birds, a herd of horses and we, in mimicry, rolled on rubber and sealed in glass and steel.

So much effort it takes us to find the grace of our brethren.

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