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The pages and the petals

This June I should be attending and writing two Dreadeds. And applying for the DD (Dreaded Dissertation). I had started making inquiries about accommodation and cat care. And then I thought, but wait, WHY?

Well, I've started so I shall finish (at the cost of a stomach-churning amount of money).

Because it would be so cool to have a second Oxford degree.

Because I'd have MSt after my name.

Why not?

Because I find it so frustrating (maybe it's just hard and I am a coward? maybe I just only want to play when I am the best? big fat narcissist).

Because I don't like it (maybe I don't like it because it's hard and I'm not the best?)

Because I could spend the money on something else (and quit that too? I'm just a quitter).

It turns out, I have enough now for a PGCert and would get a Diploma if I do the two Dreadeds.

It also turns out that there are other things I would like to do... at Schumacher College or at Black Mountains College. But if, logistically, I could do them is another matter.

I had been thinking these thoughts in December and decided to stick with it, but then I got the reading lists for June and felt SO depressed.

I don't know. I just don't know.

I should, of course, ask the crow.

He says, snaffle up as much as you can - and go!

I'm not sure that helps.

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