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The worm enemy

Companion Crone suggested that a recent post could lead to a new appellation - 'the Worm Friend' - and that this could be the name of a Major Arcana Tarot Card.

The Worm Friend

Always considering the foundational beings; concerned with the whole process of life and environment from the ground up. The Worm Friend does not disdain the slimy, dirty and simple life forms. Her compassion is expansive and her caring unbounded. She does not seek fame or glory, riches or success, instead she turns her attention to the powerless and disenfranchised.

Traits: radical compassion, biophilia,non-hierarchical.

Reverse: misanthropic, anti-technological,anti-progress.

CD, for his part, is no friend to worms. The image shows one he pulled from the ground. Again, he ate only the head. The tail of the worm was still moving, but I fear not for long.

The Worm Friend spoke a blessing and moved on.

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Mar 16, 2022

Ha! This what I saw and read with my first cup of coffee this morning! What a great description and what a graphic photo! CD must get extra nutrition from the head area and/or doesn't like the the taste of soil/poop at the lower end. Just checked the definition of BIOPHILIA and see there's much to read about it. So you're giving the earthworm its proper due. The only thing left is for you to design and draw a suitable major arcana card. I bet it would provide extra oomph when combined with a card from Pentacles (down to earth etc). 🦉

Mar 16, 2022
Replying to

Yes a wonderful cover life connections - bits & bobs & germinations & colours. And another new term for me - "new materialism".

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