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Whaddaya think, Seeds?

At work today I had good news: I can work from home tomorrow. Saves fuel. Extinction Rebellion are blocking the fuel depots (I should be with them!) so diesel's not quite so easy to come by.

I realised in the time-while-I-was-waiting-to-be-cleared how much I want to understand the earth. And later I told my father my negative-entropy idea. How Gaia is a system for combating entropy - through life, for life is that which combats entropy, life in the grass and the birds and the bees - and how we have to use more and more energy to make up for all the ways in which we prevent her from combating entropy. That is where morality rests. IMNSHO. I was excited because Dad got it and agreed and I felt clever because I said something that made sense to a person of a scientific bent.

Seeds clicked at me from a tree as I talked to my neighbour and gave his little miniature dachshund, Henry, treats. Then we had some we-time.

The bird is very cautious. He trusts me only so-much. But I trust him to be there when I need to see him. To be there when my heart needs the so-much trust of a wild creature.

It turns out that an oil in the plumage of birds is a precursor to Vitamin D. When the sun shines on their feathers, this chemical metabolises and becomes Vitamin D which the birds access when they preen. How incredible.

I provided cheesy bites to help CD combat entropy.

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