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Wildlife round up

OK, I couldn't get close but I do have news of Cool Dude. So, the other day, s/he got dive-bombed by one of the Flying Two and two crows flew in to back him/her up. And this confirmed my theory that Cool Dude was the brave one of the Brave Three but since s/he's struck out on his/her own a bit more, the Brave Three have become the Top Two. But they still care about their fledgling. Also, the fact Cool Dude is young may explain why s/he was less nervous to start with. I was less of a learned threat.

This is Cool Dude.

Now today, the Fluffy Heads warned him/her off their patch - actually, Cool Dude wasn't on t, but I threw the food to him/her first. She took off, circled me and landed at my other side. I gave the Fluffy Heads more food and things got quieter. When the Fluffy Heads had nuts and s/he didn't, Cool Dude cheekily stole one and, when warned off, again flew round to circle me and land with me between him/her and the Fluffy Heads.

These are the Fluffy Heads.

Their heads are fluffier when they are worried - I saw that happen today when a dog came too close.

Yesterday I had my first sighting of a new crow - whom I shall name White Wing as the undersides of both wings were very faded. This seems to be most likely a matter of age - like people, crows go grey.

Later, one of the Drive Duo showed me some new crow behaviour. Heavy rain had set in and he (I think he's the male) was on top of a lamp-post. He had tilted his head right up, so the rain would run perfectly down his beak and over his face - like we do in the shower. Except for we don't have beaks.I thought he might be drinking, but his beak seemed closed. I think he just liked it.

The jays still visit my garden. They eat the seeds but I think they are caching a lot of nuts - they seem to try to fit them in their throat pouches.

On the mammal front, I have seen squirrels carrying large mouths-ful of leaves. I guess they are preparing for hibernation - making their nests dry and cozy. They are very sweet.

Finally, when volunteering today - more cutting down willows (I am getting better with a bow saw) and another bonfire (oh for crumpets and runny honey) - we saw a peregrine falcon... Well, either we saw one three of four times or saw several. This was a great pleasure as I've not seen one before. Once, the bird circled above us and peered down. To be seen by a bird! Oh! It's not a windhover, but it makes me think of GMH... 'My heart in hiding //Stirred for a bird, – the achieve of, the mastery of the thing.'

But I must add, the acrobatics of the crows and their smarts and blue-black plumage stirs my heart as much... yes... the final lines of the sonnet... 'blue-bleak embers, ah my dear,//Fall, gall themselves, and gash gold-vermilion.'

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Oct 02, 2021

This is an excellent roundup about the crows, jay & squirrel. That's super smart of Cool Dude using you as a shield. Here's an article I just found -

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