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Yet another wood

I'd been to the gym and fed the crows so I thought I'd have a little exploration. This patch of woodland is right next to a not so nice estate on the north west of the town. It's pretty wild and it doesn't seem used all that much.

I heard a lot of birds - all the usual suspects including a buzzard, a great spotted woodpecker and a song thrush. I saw many birds too.

One tree by the road looked ancient - a sycamore I'd think of about 300 years at least.

Inside the wood there were oaks, ashes, beech and cherry.

Yes, that last one is dead. There was a fallen cherry too - and a lot of other fallen trees.

It was sort of strange and utterly unmanaged.

This is what a wood is like with no big herbivores, I guess.

But it was rather enchanting.

Until you came to the signs of humans. I forebore photographing the cans and crisp packets. But this is evocative.

And this... a sycamore scarred by fire.

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Feb 20, 2023

So you went exploring :-) Which is the ancient sycamore - the upper left? Those last two photos would make good poetry prompts ...

Feb 20, 2023
Replying to

Those first three pictures are all of that tree.

Yes!!! Especially the one with the chairs!

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