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You listened!

Yesterday I wrote I wanted to see a hare and today, Yes! I saw one!

I went, thinking of my wish, to the fields where I have most often seen them and after a matter of minutes, there one was. His long spring-limbed form, the stochastic rhythm of his movement when he started off, but then, with acceleration, he became an elegant example of matter in motion. Oh the energy to extend and retract those powerful hind legs! Oh the questioning turn of the head and tilt of the ear before his decision to bolt!

Back in the house, which smells now of my vegetable cooking and cats and dog and the residue of yesterday's cleaning, I spent some hours scriverning my essay. I have had to extract all the self-reflexive section, possibly just as well, but also some stuff about the moral harms of disengaging from empathic appreciation of animal suffering. Melanie Challenger talks of this a bit. Apparently, people who have been primed to see themselves, to see humans, as more like other animals will be less inclined to express out-group hostility to other humans.... Strange but true. Animal lovers really are nicer.

Talking of animal love, the dog is having some pills to ease his aches and pains and soon, once I've worked out the size, an extra memory foam pad for his bed.

The cats, meanwhile, tried to kill themselves by pulling down my wooden fronted sound proof shield - it's a big, solid thing, weighs about 50kg, I think. Luckily I didn't go upstairs to cat pancakes.

And the birds, robins big and small and Bea the Blackbird were all there today, demanding food.

I'm entangled with them, wild and tame.

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