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You're not alone

I saw a friend the other day. A social occasion! Hold the front page!

She gave me a bracelet made by a rather cool company - Zox. The one she chose for me is 'You're not alone'.

I had just bought her something REALLY boring. It's embarrassing. A pair of... Oh God, this is embarrassing... A pair of work boots. Yes, yes, I know. Zero creativity. Don't tell her though, as they've not arrived yet.

So, on my wrist I have four bracelets now. The Zox one; two from my niece (one sent after I called her in tears needing someone to talk to... she actually sent me two but the cats stole one and I have not yet discovered where they hid it) and one I bought myself made of ordnance from the Vietnam War. Upstairs, I have two bracelets with words on them - lovely words - given by two other friends, astonishingly on the very same Christmas.

The wrist is a place for messages.

Anyway, my friend's two-year-old non-identical twin daughters were about to go to gymnastics. They wore T-shirts with suns on that read 'You are my sunshine!' I sang to them tunelessly as my friend dressed them. The girls smiled at me shyly.

Then I went for a run in the sun and saw these flowers and felt warm, inside and out.

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