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A society worth fighting for

The bee is a reminder of Jon Haidt's claim that we are 90% chimp and 10% bee -which I mentioned before, see this post. But if you want some clarity on the point he is making in stating this claim, go here.

This post though is really about some ideas that might inspire thinking about what a society worth fighting for could be. I'm just listing some thoughts that come to mind.

  1. A society that manifests, lives by and is transparently acting upon ethical values higher than those of the real, fallible and flawed citizenry.

  2. This means it can't just talk the talk, it must walk the walk.

  3. A society that cares for the worst off, ensuring that they have the same basic though essential opportunities to health, education, employment, involvement in politics, nutrition and shelter as the best off.

  4. This suggests substantially lower inequality than in the UK or USA currently.

  5. A society that acts as a moral exemplar in the global community. See here, for a starter.

  6. A society that values the different interests of the citizenry without partiality (to the extent that they cause no harm to others).

  7. A society that rigorously checks assumptions and intuitions to ensure that choices made on behalf of the populace are empirically tested.

  8. A society that listens and responds to the populace.

  9. A society that properly communicates with the populace in a manner that makes sense - rather than delivering either propaganda or statistics.

  10. A society that actively encourages the involvement of the populace in decision-making, while ensuring that decisions are made on strong empirical and impartial foundations. See here.

  11. A society that enriches well-being through culture, sport, access to nature and leisure time.

  12. A society that enables and encourages responsibility and cooperation.

  13. A society that appreciates the need for work to be done to achieve goods and values all those who do the work whatever that work may be, conferring dignity on all labour.

  14. A society that has a vision for the future and takes a long term view. See here.

  15. A society that is trustworthy.

Is this utopianism?

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