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Another woodland ramble

I ducked into the wood through a hedge, following a mammal track. During my peregrination, I lost a glove - which was a glove I found a few years ago to replace another glove I had lost some months prior to that. Wished I'd picked up the glove I saw along a path a few weeks ago.


I saw roe deer tracks among the muntjac prints - it's also near where I saw the fallow print a while back. That made me think of the French dude in the forest. He says they need to eat different food from that consumed by fallow or red deer (who are happy with grass. They can also eat things that are toxic to other cervids. He mentioned wood anemones but I don't know what they are.

Anyway, near the prints I saw some little bulb sprouting - and then evidence that someone had been digging them up.

This led me to look more carefully at the ground. Are these cuckoo pints coming up?

Is this a miniature moss forest?

And are these droppings not, as I have assumed before, rabbit, but rather muntjac?

Look up and see ivy architecture, jelly ears and plenty of places here for deer to hide.

Of course, then you risk falling into abandoned holes.

On the way out, I found last year's apples... which look amazing now... and are clearly still edible.

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1 Comment

Jan 21, 2023

Good photos! Maybe some of the seeds in those chilled/ fermented apples will sprout this spring. Startling to see plant leaves emerging just as we're going into our most winterish month over here.

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