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Back with the Vikings

Now, maybe a person should not be so fixated with Vikings in a world that does seem to be approaching Ragnarok. On the other hand, perhaps the Vikings are a perfect lesson for our times... or maybe not...

Anyway, whereas the original series were all on Amazon Prime (and so good I got my brother and love-of-my-life watching), the new one is on Netflix. It starts 100 years after Vikings ended and is actually called Vikings Valhalla. Oh and how I love it already after an episode and a half.

As a result of my love for the show, I read a few books and such - all OK but it's the show I love. And nothing, I think, can truly compare with Ragnar and Lagertha in Vikings. Though Freydis, Leif and Harald in Vikings Valhalla are very excellent.

I don't truly have much to say about this - but it does remind me of my childish enthusiasm at volunteering when I imagine myself as a Viking with some sharp implement... taking down trees, of course, rather than Englishmen. I remember watching during the EURO when I came into work early as there was no WiFi at my hotel. I remember the surprise at actually liking it. My friend Abby had recommended it and I had pooh-poohed the idea for months if not years. She said she liked it for the eye-candy... but the characters! the cinematography!

Anyway, this is a bit of a break from my usual subject-matter. A break is as good as a rest.

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Well I might too!! I have Netflix 🤓


You won't regret it. But the Amazon Prime ones are excellent too...

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