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Flying visits

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The whole seagull thing has become more complicated. I saw Divo peck one - it screamed! - and spit the feathers out of his mouth.

In contrast, Droopy went off to peck open her peanut and a canny gull took advantage of the rest of the food laid out for the Brave Three.

She didn't attack the gull...

...instead she just left him too it.

Three decided to approach the food and the gull left; Droopy and CD returned... but soon after...

...CD departed with some cat food to cache.

At that point, the seagull returned with reinforcements.

There were actually a lot of them but they were too high up to feature in the photo.

As I walked away, the crows left and about 15 gulls noisily took their fill.

The good news is that Mr Fluffy really is walking almost normally. Also, Diva has shown her quick-wittedness. If I drop something, she''l be the one to swoop in and take it. If Divo sees, he'll chase her off almost as roughly as he chases off the gulls.

Oh, and when I feed the Fluffies there are often two young crows who loiter around and sometimes the Fluffies let them share. I think they are the younger two of the Driveways. Getting a double dose of peanuts.

The crows who feed as a pair - usually the Fluffies and the Playgrounds and sometimes the Brave Three and Divos - tend to get harassed a little less by the gulls. You see in the photo of the Brave Three that Three was some way off. Had he been with Droopy, they might have held onto the food for longer.

One time I tried putting food for the three right at the base of a tree, as I thought the gulls wouldn't like to swoop down there. Turns out that the Brave Three weren't that keen on being under the tree either. It took a lot of persuasion, showing CD and Droopy the cheesy bites to get them to hop under there, but they clearly found that location threatening. I suppose because they couldn't see above them. Yet I have seen crows foraging in the leaf litter of a wood. I guess it depends on what you know.

When the Three have missed out, I often see them on the lawns of the indoor bowling club where the gulls don't go and I three cheesy bits and dog food over the fence. It seems wrong to throw peanuts on the lawn.

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