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Focus on photographs

This was one day - a day of lovely light and blue skies. I also took this, which isn't in focus precisely, but I like it.

This one, check out the before - as I took it - and the after - with Dave's magic touch.

The next day was grey and drab, but I still managed a nice sequence of Bobbit noticing another robin, puffing himself up and getting ready to attack!

This, I think, is the "other" robin.

Also in evidence: squirrel eating bird food! And Bobbit in subsong mode. Photographic and video evidemce!

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Jan 26

I have been enjoying these photos! That open mouth one is extremely eye catching, of course. And interesting to see what Dave did with it. And I keep coming back to that sequence which is quite entrancing, especially when including the story of what was happening -- love the final shot with the wings opening. How on earth did you manage to get those shots with Bobbit below you, and you must have been fast ? And in the video - the squirrel is a big part of the action 😅

Jan 29
Replying to

The camera does bursts! He was perching on the green box by my legs, below me.

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