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Happy Birthday to me

This is from CD.

I had given him a dog treat and he'd gone off to bury it. I walked up the park to see Droopy and suddenly CD was back with something in his beak that he dropped. I thought it was the treat - that he was informing me that they are too hard and have become boring.

But no. It was this little badge.

I provided a small tub with cat food.

It was funny as CD would fill his craw and hop or fly off to bury the food, while Droopy and Three considered the tub. CD would come back, look at me and then remember the tub, turn to it and hop/run/flap toward it. I could see him in an act of remembering.

I was also gifted by the delight of Divo running up to me, so upright and eager. He comes to about the same distance as CD.

I've noticed that as I prepare to throw food, the birds tend to look at me with their RIGHT eye. That is left hemisphere... the thinking is, as far as I recall, that LH is more about what you manipulate, checking out food - discerning wheat from chaff and so on while the RH is more about social interactions and peripheral threats. They also crouch, in preparation for flight, in case my moving arms will be threatening. So, my armchair theorising leads me to think that I am being analysed very carefully.

Great. That's not really very insightful.

Interestingly, though, when CD walks round a tub with a lid placed on it and considers it, he tends to use his LEFT eye.... you'd think that would be all about the manipulation?

It's possible that I am making all of this up.

I maybe need to be more rigorous in my ethology.

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1 Comment

Dec 27, 2021

I wish you a Happy Birthday, Crone. Your crow companions have helped to make it a good one!! xx

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