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I told my close friend about how I'd like to be a witch.

He asked what I would do if I were a witch: would I cast evil spells?

No, no, I said, I would be a good witch.

And what would I do?

I would make it so that everyone noticed the everyday beauties. The Canada geese flying overhead and the brave green leaves of the bluebells. The conviviality of the workmen and the brief illuminating smile of his young colleague. I would make it so that people weren't blinkered to the everywhere beauty.

He said, maybe, then, you already are a witch. Maybe you do that already.

No, no. I don't want to have to point it out. I don't want people even to read this and think, hey, maybe I can revel in the sun's reflection in a stream.

I want them to see it anyway. I want to cast a universal spell.

And no, it won't solve global injustice or ease pain. But still. But still. Just to notice. Just. To. Notice.

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