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Miscellany - trees and trees

This was a trip to apologise to the ivy.

That I did and also paid homage to the big old trees that I saw.

This one met its end many moons ago. So long ago that someone actually cut of the branches (as you see on the front page) - no one seems to rove around here now.

That base of the tree - who'd have thought that what would remain of the root connection was something that resembles the fin of a shark?

And where the branches come out, with the outer layers of bark removed, so clearly a joint. It is strange. It looks manufactured.

Another dead tree was still standing - very tall - though the outer layers of bark are peeling off.

Here, a more cheering woodland meditation - a tree that had fallen into and is being supported by another. Both still living.

It has been warmer, with a bright spring sun. I sat on the fallen tree to meditate. I kept my eyes open - seeing birds flittering above me and one climbing up the trunk of a big oak. I kept my ears open - and the alarm calls around me gradually subsided as the birds decided I posed no harm. Beyond, crows cawed near the barn. Leaves rustled. People om the footpath talked and called their dogs. The woods waited. For what? For a time when living is easier?

I left seed for the birds. My little offering. To try to make up for destroying all that valuable ivy.

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