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Ready for a game?

I don’t have much to say about the photograph except that for some reason I thought it was very, very cute.

As for games, the concept itself seems rather remote. When did I last play? I’ve even given up my pairing cats phone app game. Yes, after having been addicted to it for a year, I went cold turkey around the time the dog died.

That said, I do, of course, play with the real-life cat-babies. Wuji still loves his toy and screams for me to wiggle it for him. The problem is that he’s a bit scared of the long coiled end – the end that cats are supposed to play with.

Buji will dance and skitter when I wriggle the toy on the floor. Though he does favour launching himself from or into my ankles which can be rather painful.

Wuji likes to play on the bed. He will bring the toy downstairs, scream at me, and when I pick it up, run to the foot of the stairs showing that he does not want to play downstairs. But when I stomp upstairs, leaving work and wine, he just watches the toy.

I discovered that if I praise and stroke him when he does chase and catch it, he will try more often. This is interesting as the thinking goes that as cats are not social animals, social approval shouldn’t influence their behaviour. But it does.

Even better though is if I use the plastic stick end of the toy. That, he likes a lot more. Especially if it seems to be hiding on the pillows which he can pounce on or under.

Buji watches, clearly regarding this as both pathetic and aesthetically unappealing.

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1 Comment

Feb 23, 2022

ps Two great photos!

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