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The night of the Crow Moon

Actually, I don't have much to report - and this video.... well, seriously - once he's buried his stash of cat food - STOP WATCHING. He flew off to chase Ms Feisty away from the Fluffies and took so long to come back that I gave up recording - so there's a really dull section of looking at the distance. I'm sure there's a way to edit, but, frankly, it's easier to say STOP WATCHING.

Now, CD has always had that little white patch on his chest...

And he's also had... I'm not sure if for ever but certainly for a long time a feather on his back that sort of sticks up.

In addition, he now has a funny scuffed-looking patch above his left eye. I was trying to capture it, but he prefers showing me his right eye.

This is the best I could do.

Yes, I know. You can't see a thing because of the shadows. Oh wait... maybe I could try fiddling with the contrast...

Yeah... see that? I think he's been in a scuffle with someone and had some head feathers plucked. The one's next to it stick up, like a very subtle and misaligned mohican.

He did not speak to me today. BUT when I clicked at him he came closer. So maybe he recognises the sound as my attempt to be intimate?

The other thing he does, I must try to capture this, is to look backwards through his legs - like an incredibly extreme bow... like this... I think it's a normal crow thing... June Hunter has images of crows doing this I think... No, she doesn't - and CD's bow is much more extreme than this raven. He is more like the kid in the first link. Ah-ha!!!! Who says persistence doesn't pay off!! Scroll down this page and you shall see that the excellent June has indeed captured this crow behaviour! How could I have doubted her?

Anyway, happy Crow Moon to you and all the world's Corvus corone corone.

Oh - and my friend Clare has started feeding the crows in her field. they have already left her a gift.

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