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The oddness

The day I walked around the lake, it was midweek but busy. Like a weekend or a holiday. The one sunny day of this latest lockdown and everyone thought, where can I walk that's pretty and not too muddy? No one could go to the shops and a lot of people were off work. The kids were at school. Ends were loose so why not tighten them on the path around Pitsford?

Masks no longer freak me out. The closures of theatres (though I do believe they were trying to reopen) no longer causes me grief. The lack of trips to town or meals with friends is not upsetting me. I never spent much time shopping anyway. Now I get most things delivered. I don't care that fans aren't at football games.

It's good that I can go to work. See people. Get out the house. I'm sure it's beneficial. I mean, otherwise I would speak to no one face to face except delivery people.

We adjust, though, don't we?

One friend says people's metal health has got so bad he wants to get out of this shit-hole country. I'm not sure what he is seeing that I am not.

It seems to me that some people will struggle, but for others it might actually be beneficial. Most will have their good days and their bad days and get through this adequately.

Well, that's those people for whom the financial consequences have not been brutal. And in that case, who can blame them for losing some of their composure? To risk severe poverty and hardship through no fault of one's own is a cruel blow. For those people, they deserve sympathy and support not criticism. Those of us getting by are lucky. This time.

This friend I mentioned, he has a strong sense of having used his own strengths to secure success. That this is a meritocracy and those who fall by the wayside are weak. Only themselves to blame. Me, I think we all of us have little that merits praise or blame. We didn't choose our genes or our upbringing, our society or limitations. We are lucky in our strengths, but the gifts of chance give us the ability to make use of them. We're all acting out a determined playbook. Even our attitude towards our fate is determined by all that came before. We are more shaped than we are shapers.

Maybe this sleeping cat is more free than me for he does not fret about the limits of his capabilities.

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