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Waste not, want not

I have been thinking about Anthropocene Virtues.

More-than-human companionship (accompaniment and food-sharing)

Recognising that where we live is an ecosystem and welcoming more-than-human others.

Respecting the privacy of our neighbours.

Learning about our neighbours.

And reducing waste.

As a kid, I was always told not to waste food. And I hate throwing anything away. I don't take much notice of most 'best before' dates. If it tastes ok, I eat it. This is easier for a vegan as most vegan food lasts longer than meat or dairy products - except dried meat and hard cheese.

The cats do not share my views. Buji cries for the food with gravy and only eats the gravy. But the blackbirds, magpies and crows eat his leftovers.

The squirrels, jays and crows cache for later the food they don't want now. And. of course, anything that can be eaten by bugs, anything that can decompose, feeds back into the soil.

I think of how we don't even want the soil to have our dead bodies. We barricade them from decomposition. What a strange idea! that we are too special to contribute to the earth!

Near my 'real' home is an eco cemetery. I think I'd like to end up there.

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